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Your local Serene Fish and Chips is: Ilford, 27 Woodford Avenue, IG2 6UF.


About Serene Fish and Chips
About Serene Fish and Chips


Serene is a family-run business, established in 1974. We are incredibly proud and humbled to have received multiple leading industry-recognised awards for both our high standard and quality of food and service.

In 2014 we won the regional award for best fish and chip shop in Greater London, Middlesex, and Essex. Serene has been awarded this much-respected award for the past ten consecutive years. Since 2007 we have maintained and been awarded the Sea fish quality award.

What is the Quality award? “The NFFF Fish & Chip Quality Award Scheme is all about finding those shops throughout the UK that give their customers the BEST QUALITY fish and chips, assessing them against our quality benchmark and rewarding successful applicants who pass the inspection and the taste test, with the ‘BIG Q’ Quality Award sign. This is so you can be assured of eating top-quality fish and chips from a top-quality fish and chip shop!”

We take food safety and hygiene very seriously and take great care in food purchasing and preparation. All our staff is trained and qualified in food handling and hygiene which is in accordance with the food standard agency guidelines.

About Serene Fish and Chips
Serene Fish and Chips History




Serene is a family run business since 1974; the first one was situated in west London, and successfully run for 17 years by Mustafa Redif and his brother.




In 1991 Mustafa Redif bought 27 Woodford Avenue, and saw great potential in the Gants Hill area and decided to build his establishment, to start growing his new and now very successful business.




Serene advertisement on a London bus.


90s + 00s

Store Font

Over the years, the storefront of Serenes has changed to adapt to the changes in Gants Hill.



New Logo

Unveiling the Serenes logo. Designed by Beal High School student, Anthony Rosner in 2007




Exhibiting fish and chips to the community at Cranbrook School.

Serene Fish and Chips Sustainability


Over the years we have only worked with companies with reputable names, our fish is only bought from suppliers who are members of the MSC.

Marine Stewardship Council works to recognise and reward sustainable fishing practices. Any fish bearing the MSC eco label can be tracked back to an independently certified sustainable fishery.

Serenes is committed to teaching young people about the importance of marine sustainability. For more information, you can check out the MSC Fish and Kids page.

Fish and Kids

Our Food

We only work with the best, sustainable British suppliers and our food is freshly prepared in our kitchen.

Our Fish

Our Cod is caught from the wild in the North Atlantic and is prepared on the vessel as soon as they are caught.


  1. Remove the guts and thoroughly clean the fish soon after catching.
  2. Cut the cod in half leaving major bones.
  3. They are then wrapped in heavy-duty freezer bags and boxed, which are then stored in the vessel’s freezer. This process preserves the fish so once we receive it, we can defrost the fish and prepare it the very same day to fillet, cut and fry.

Our Meat

Our meat is delivered to us weekly to ensure we serve fresh meat. We inspect the meat before purchase to guarantee high quality. A strict selection process is then carried out by our professional Chef which is then prepared for each specific kebab on our menu.

About Serene Fish and Chips
About Serene Fish and Chips
About Serene Fish and Chips

Our Potatoes

The perfect chip has a crispy outer coating and a light fluffy inside. The correct potato is essential to get this combination. Floury potatoes, generally known as old potatoes for chips. New potato season chips will never achieve that light inner filling. However, they still taste excellent. There are so many varieties of potatoes; here at SERENE we only buy best British temperature controlled potatoes, we call them the cream of the crop.

Our Doner

Our doner is made in-house by our experienced chef who produces weekly doners. By producing our own doners, we know exactly what goes into the meat. Our Doner consists of 100% British lamb which is a mix of lamb shoulder and breast.

Our Poultry

We only use Jack brand poultry which has been established since 1908, this is currently the best poultry producers on the market.

Our Salads

Our salads are prepared daily to ensure we serve quality, fresh salads. All our vegetables are delivered to us twice a week which helps maintain the quality of our salad range.

About Serene Fish and Chips
About Serene Fish and Chips

Our Coffee


Brazil 50%, Peru 30%, Washed Robusta 20%

Cup Profile

A dark blend of Brazilian and Central American coffees well rounded with sweetness of toasted almonds and molasses, this blend is great for espressos and milk based drinks



A blend of natural pulped and semi washed Brazil Arabica, sourced from the Sul de Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo regions of Brazil. A mixture of Mundo Nuvo and Catuai varietals. This blend offers clean, sweet medium bodies with a smooth mouth feel depth accentuated by the Mogaina. Both sweet molasses and slight malty biscuit can be found in this blend of coffees. A perfect consistent blend as a base.


A generic strictly high grown washed Arabica from Peru. The cleanness and depth of the Peru is well suited to binding the blend together. The cup is mild with some toasted hazelnuts in the finish of the coffee. This is accentuated in both the espresso and milk based drinks.

Washed Robusta

Fully washed Java Semeru Robusta sourced from the foot of the Sermeu mountains on the island of Java. This is grown 700-800m above sea level and famed for the precision which goes into growing and processing this coffee. A full bodied coffee with an outstanding creamy and velvety mouth feel, with a subtle sweetness of caramel. This coffee is suited to blends as it enhances the persistency of the blend, in particular in espresso and milk based blends.

Allergy Information

We take great care in food handling, preparation, and hygiene which comply with the food standard agency guidelines. All our staff is trained and qualified to manage food allergens effectively in food preparation. Our customers can view the allergen information sheet, displayed in the store, online, and on our menus.

Gluten Free Mondays: Fish & Chips

We cannot guarantee that our product is totally gluten-free due to the possibility of cross-contamination; however, regular inspections by officials from the London Borough of Redbridge are carried out, and we receive their assurances of more than meeting the required legal policy standard. We do all that we can to avoid cross-contamination but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this 100%.


Serene Fish and Chips awards

National Fish & Chips Awards

We received regional winner 2014 which covered Greater London, Essex, Middlesex and Sussex.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Archant Food ∓ Drink awards

Received best British restaurant for 2008 and 2009 plus area winner Ilford 2008 and 2009.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Quality Award

Awarded to high quality fish & chip shops that are able to sustain high quality in there entire shop down to the freezer.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Score on the door

Received the highest award of five stars for health and hygiene

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Community Award

Received for community support.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Food Allergy Training

Food standards agency certificate for food allergy online training.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Gluten-Free Training

This shows a commitment to the preparation of food which meets the needs of customers with coeliac disease.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Contribution to the Community Award

This shows a commitment to the local community.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Fish & Chip shop of the year competition since 2008

Top 5 London & South east England, Greater London, Middlesex, Essex every year since 2008. Now replaced by the Quality award.

Serene Fish and Chips awards

Restaurant Guru 2023

Top 10 Best Seafood Restaurant in Ilford